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RegainingBalanceMany women join the military from a sincere wish to serve our country. Yet in the process of that service they may become severely traumatized, sometimes through experiences within their own companies. We have developed a free, nonsectarian, ongoing program that has helped relieve the effects of that trauma for the women veterans diagnosed with PTSD who have attended these small, free, retreats since its founding in 2013. Your support is vital to this program.

The RegainingBalance® Retreats for Women Veterans with PTSD are small because traumatized women feel safer in smaller groups. Reteats are staffed by dedicated volunteers, and always include a clinically-trained expert.

RegainingBalance® is supported entirely by donations. Please help!

Construction at Mountain Gate-Sanmonji

Non-sectarian RegainingBalance retreats are offered absolutely free of charge at Mountain Gate-Sanmonji to all who are eligible. This program, which is for women veterans with PTSD and for women whose partners are veterans with PTSD, is supported entirely through the generosity of donors. Your gift will help complete the construction at Mountain Gate which is being undertaken with the primary goal of being able to accommodate more retreatants with greater privacy.

All donations are tax-deductible

All donations are tax-deductible. If you would like to help ensure that this program continues, we would be deeply grateful for your contribution in any amount. Checks—payable to Mountain Gate—enable us to receive your full donation.

Thank you for your help

We are deeply grateful for your help. 100% of your donation will be used solely for your intended purpose.

I came with few expectations. I was looking for a space to explore my inner experience. I found it here.


After a long hiatus due to the great intensity of the COVID pandemic our RegainingBalance® Retreats for Women Veterans with PTSD have Resumed! Here, some participants are practicing the "Felt Sense Thru Art" on iPads generously provided for this stress releasing practice through a grant from the Khyentse Foundation.